A Word From Our Gold Sponsor

This post is brought to you by Grind That Garbage, the Gold Sponsor of the OOS Art & Music Festival.

For a number of years, OOS Art & Music Festival has been fortunate enough to work with some amazing individuals and companies to make the festival happen. Without them, we would have no festival. Beyond being extremely grateful for their support, we are very proud to be putting together the festival with them because their values align with ours. We could not have found any better partners. This year, our gold sponsor is one of the most environmentally-friendly people we have met. OOS Art & Music Festival is a green festival. Therefore, a major theme of this year’s festival will be to transform it into the greenest festival we have ever put together.

Without further ado, here’s a look at what we will be adding to the festival to make it greener than ever! The first thing participants will notice is the number of on-site composting bins. If you have any food scraps from your food, we ask that you empty them out in those bins before tossing your garbage out. The food scraps will be delivered to composting venues where they will eventually be used as organic fertilizers. As you can imagine this idea was dreamed up by our gold sponsor who raise awareness on using a garbage disposal in the home which has the same effect as composting. They make it easy by picking the best rated garbage disposal people should buy and offering up advice on maintaining it. If you haven’t outfitted your kitchen with one we really recommend it, especially if your home doesn’t already participate in a composting program. The easiest and most efficient one to get would be a continuous feed garbage disposal according to our sponsor. In any case, we hope you will join us in using the composting bins at the festival and taking things a step further by ensuring you also compost at home!

The second thing we’ll be doing is changing all the lighting and electronics powering the festival to energy-saving bulbs. We specifically picked out products that produce the less harm to the environment when disposed of. Also, we considered what our future needs would be and invested in products that we could be using over and over again down the road.

The third thing we’ll be doing is organizing transit service with the city to help our festival goers come by public transit. We know that our festival is out of town for most people, and most people will choose to come by private vehicle. This year we’re trying something new. We’re going to be working with major cities to bring people in by coach. Tickets will be subsidized by Grind That Garbage which means they will be offered at a huge discount. So check with us on how you can take advantage of this, save some money, and be green!